Saturday 13th July 2013 - Married for 1746 days

The Wedding Party

In true African-fashion Kofi & Rachael's wedding party is bigger than a small village! Nonetheless the thirty-plus friends and family members, who kindly agreed to be a part of their special day, must be introduced.

So, here it goes...

The two main potential culprits for any "absences" at the alter. #Stag&HenParty

Rose-RebeccaAlso known as "Rose" or "Becky" is the younger sister of Rachael, so needless to say she has known her for her entire life! Becky is the more frugal of the two so has been rightfully placed to keep a reign on Kofi's wife-to-be.
GoddasKofi and Goddas met over 20 years ago whilst studying in Ghana. They bonded over their love for suave clothing and have been best-friends ever since. It only seemed fitting that he would be the best man for the job.

The Bride & Groom's Secret Society members. #WeddingSpeeches #Exposure!

Shereen Rachael has always looked up to her elder sister Shereen incl. trying to wear matching outfits and using bed sheets to mimic her flowing hair. The big sister chats have proven golden in preparation for Rachael becoming a wife.
FrancisAfter enduring 28 years of Rachael's "princess" ways, it was only fair that he be appointed as the future akonta (meaning: brother-in-law). He happily accepted - mainly to ensure the transfer actually takes place!
Bernice Bernice is Kofi's younger sibling and soon-to-be sister-in-law to Rachael. Although over the years Rachael and Bernice have developed such a bond, it would make you question whether blood is thicker than water.
Frank Frank aka "Osofu" (pastor) is Kofi's confidant. They met at university and instantly clicked. Due to their special bond, Osofu has been an influential figure in Kofi & Rachael's life providing support and guidance.
AudreyRachael and Audrey met on holiday in 2008 and have been close friends ever since. They both share a love for travelling and after viewing the photographic evidence, Kofi is always thankful Rachael is returned back in one piece!
EdwinEdwin is Kofi's close family friend and following years of bonding, Kofi now views Edwin as a younger brother. Edwin is very supportive and was even present when Kofi bravely went to ask Rachael's dad for permission.
Jessica Rachael and Jessica have been buddies from the days of African-black-thread-inspired hairstyles aka "ahuma" (20+ years). Rachael is also Godmother to Jessica's daughter for whom she coined the nickname Jin-Jins.
HenryKofi and Henry go back over 10 years. They met through a mutual friend who highlighted they had all attended the same secondary school in Ghana. Henry is father to Patrick - the brother of Kofi's baby Godson.
Bridget Rachael and Bridget met at college and spent their younger years partying the nights away in clothes that on viewing, Rachael's mother would pray and fast! Bridget has also become a very supportive sister-figure to Kofi.
Kwame Also known as "K" shared a flat with Kofi for some years. During this period, Kofi and K developed a close brotherly relationship. The fact that K is also a culinary king, when it comes to African cuisine, didn't hurt either!
Lorelle Rachael and Lorelle have been close friends since the age of 12, having met at NTA Church in Leyton. Rachael was in awe of Lorelle's "cool" mobile...the Motorola brick phone! Lorelle is also the designated wedding planner.
FelixOver many years, Felix has come to know Kofi and Rachael really well. Felix, known for his happy-go-lucky self, spreads love and joy everywhere he goes. He's definitely a special addition to the wedding party.
Yvette Rachael and Yvette met whilst stacking shelves at M&S Marble Arch. Almost 13 years on they remain great friends and have been through thick and thin together. Rachael is Godmother to Yvette's daughter Anai'yah.
DarrenDespite the fact he is Rachael's cousin, Kofi has bonded with Darren to the extent he also calls him "akonta". It only seems natural that Darren has front row seats to see the Bride & Groom cross the finish line.

Kofi & Rachael's biological and "adopted" children. #ParentingPractice

AmaryahNow meet the extra special little "princess" in Kofi & Rachael's life...The adorable Amaryah - Kofi's daughter. Amaryah is ecstatic about the upcoming nuptials as she is hoping a little brother or sister will follow soon after...
PatrickPatrick is the elder brother of Kofi's Godson Emmanual. The handsome little man, who is extremely pleasant and highly intelligent, enjoys taking little trips with Auntie Rachael and Amaryah. Patrick is also fluent in Polish!
Anai'yahAlso known as "Nai-Nai". She is the eldest of Rachael's endless train of Godchildren. Nai-Nai is also the eldest amongst her three siblings, so will no doubt keep her temporary ones in check (especially Jin-Jins).
Kaylem Kaylem is the eldest of Rachael's five nephews courtesy of Francis. He spends the majority of his time listening and watching everything 'Azonto'. Kofi & Rachael pray he refrains from doing it down the aisle.
JanaeThe infamous "Jin-Jins" although Rachael's God-daughter, has a special spot for her "Uncle Rockeee" (i.e. Kofi). Don't be alarmed to hear her screaming Kofi's name before, during and after the ceremony.
Kwame Kwame is Kaylem's little brother - the last born of the fabulous five. However do not be fooled by his cute smile and tiny stature. He gives the rest of the four a good beating when necessary. Age isn't nothing but a number...

The Bride & Groom's additional little helpers. #Entertainers

JusticeThe charismatic cousin of Rachael is the ultimate ladies man. With his sharp looks and swagger, Kofi & Rachael wouldn't be doing those ladies looking for a husband any "justice" (excuse the pun) if they did not include him.
EricA cousin of Rachael, Eric is a reliable and helpful member of the family so has been drafted in to assist with the organisation on the day. Plus someone needs to keep all those unruly female cousins in order!
JeffreyBecky's other-half has naturally been a key feature in Kofi & Rachael's journey. Therefore it was inevitable he would have a key role. Needless to say he has also become acquainted with Rachael's princess ways!
NyarkoBeing apart of such a huge family, organisation skills come natural to Nyarko. The first cousin of Rachael is always willing to lend a helping hand and will play a major role in ensuring everything runs smoothly.
Eileen Eileen is Kofi's non-biological sister and twin to Edwin. Eileen has been a very supportive figure throughout the entire process. Kofi & Rachael are delighted she'll be there to see them through to the very end.
EithelEithel is Rachael's first cousin. Having aspirations to be a teacher, Rachael inflicted by-force lessons on Eithel and Becky from a young age. Now "elected" an usher, it is evident that Rachael still runs a tight-ship.
FrancescaThe little sister from another mister, Rachael and Francesca literally grew up together. With her warm and infectious personality, Francesca will no doubt assist to keep the guests entertained.
Elizabeth Mame "Lizzy" is another member of the endless Owusu-Ansah massive - first cousin of Rachael. Lizzy is very helpful and efficient. Plus her childcare experience will prove priceless in managing the wayward children.
Bridget The beautiful Bridget is Rachael's cousin and a NURSE. This will most definitely come in handy for that one uncle who has a tad too much to drink and trips over his own Guinness bottle. Bring the bandages Bridget!
Zara Zara a close family friend and regular feature at the Owusu-Sekyere residence, has become like a little sister to Rachael. Zara attributes her swift onset of contractions to Rachael's infamous home-made pepper sauce.